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ITW Dymon
ITW Dymon is a world leader in manufacturing diverse lines of industrial MRO specialty chemicals and marking systems. Some of our most popular products include; hand cleaner towels, SCRUBS in-a-Bucket®, layout fluids, DYKEM® Steel Blue®, and markers, Texpen® and Dalo®. We are headquartered in Olathe, KS.

Merging Companies and Brands:
DYKEM® began its existence in 1920 when Steel Blue® Layout Fluid was formulated. It is still the #1 recognized and used layout fluid in the industry. Over the years, Dykem® expanded its line with DYKEM® Staining Colors, Thinner & Remover and Mark & Code pens. In 1987, Dykem was acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works) and joined ITW Fluids Group.

Mark-tex was founded in 1931, manufacturing TEXPEN® and DALO® markers for the textile mill industry and the military. It eventually expanded its line to cater to other industries including industrial, laundry and graphics markets. In March 2000, Mark-tex was acquired by ITW.

Dymon was founded in 1970, with its first cleaning product, a heavy-duty industrial degreaser. In 1993, it formulated and patented the first pre-moistened hand cleaner towel, SCRUBS in-a-Bucket®. Today, it manufactures specialty MRO chemicals including cleaners, degreasers, insecticides and sanitizers. In 1998, Dymon was acquired by ITW.

Illinois Tool Works (ITW) is a multinational Fortune 200 company based in Glenview, IL that has over 750 decentralized operating units with 55,000 employees. Through years of research, development and acquisitions, ITW is now one of the largest manufacturers of marking systems and specialty MRO chemicals with a combined experience spanning 80 years. ITW Dymon is a supplier to the industrial, manufacturing, utility and construction markets. Being under the umbrella of ITW, Dymon has been able to benefit from the ITW Technology Center its world presence in over 49 countries and its diversification of products and services.

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